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Jeanette Ringel was born in Mexico City and studied Fine Arts at the Otis Parsons Institute in Los Angeles. Years later she moved to France, then England and is currently living in Spain. 

Her first novel, Sea of Clouds, is a thrilling story that takes one on a journey across China; laced with cultural insight, lodged in a storyline of love, dreams, losses and the nuances of survival. The novel is set in 1982, a time when the author travelled with her first husband to China and was on board a flight from Changsha to Guangzhou, which burst into flames right after touchdown. It is not based on real characters but on a time in history marked by the end of an era.    

Sea of Clouds was published in May 2017 on Amazon. It will be translated to Spanish in the next few months.  

Quotes from Sea of Clouds

“A fate without happiness is sadder than a love without destiny,” said the monk. What had prompted the Buddhist monk to say that? I don’t know. John and he had been chatting for a while before I joined their conversation. Afterwards, John and I talked about karma, and John said, “The reason why a fate without happiness is sadder than a love without destiny, is because, as sad as the outcome of love can be when it comes to an end or if not reciprocated, the tragedy of life is not a love without destiny, it is to live as if dead, and to let the life within you wither.”   

“So do you think that words, like thoughts are an illusion?” 

“And, what else . . .?” Asked Zhang. “All perception is an illusion, but if there is some truth in the illusion, it is only a transitory truth.”   

“Who’s to say that a bee has more rights than a spider? The noun gambit comes from an Italian word, gambetto, which means tripping up. If today you let any person poison your mind, tomorrow you will also think that no one in the world should have the rights you claim for yourself. Let it go.”   

“Tara, when I first went to your room in the hospital and said, ‘I am the US consul,’ it was because I wanted to find out John’s parents telephone number and I had no obligation to you due to your nationality, but shortly after, Anthony felt a moral obligation, an obligation regardless of your nationality. As you can see, your nationality is not what I will remember, nor is nationality what differentiates one person from another one.”  

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